[ She couldn’t help but expand her smile just a bit at the male in front her. At first, she hated Hei but for some reason, she felt herself getting used to him. Tolerating him, would be the right word. Stocking didn’t think it was likeness or anything like that yet. But there was something about Hei that she really—- ]

“I might see your cavity ridden teeth.”

[ —Hated. ]

❝Wow. Way to kill the mood you fucking asshole. I thought we were sharing an intimate moment, with the stereotypical shoujo bubbles and the ‘ugguuu’ stares.❞ [ Of course, she was kidding, as noted by the jab she gave Hei’s side. ] ❝But I guess the mood killer was needed. You were kind of creepin’ me out there.❞

[ She actually liked it, but the angel was not going to admit that. ]

And the smile was as quickly shattered as it was created. This was probably the sensation of what having a friend was like. A bond without the pretenses of betrayal or secrets. It was a wonderful feeling. Being able to let go and say whatever he wanted to. Except such acts would be met with being called an asshole. But, that’s okay. Words didn’t really affect him.

"Huh? What mood? My profession rarely calls to uphold such things. Let alone ones that involve intimate staring and supernatural atmospheric phenomenon such as shoujo bubbles." He replied to Stocking who proceeded to jab him in the side. Hei chuckled at her and stretched his arm out to pat her head.

"Creepy? That would be quite hurtful. But, I keep forgetting that you’re tsundere."

Queen’s Arrival–★


The Queen had been letting the girls guide her through Polis and she was listening carefully as they explained all of the shops and sights to her. For a place that looked as old as Polis did, it certainly had a lot of commodities. From what she understood, there wasn’t even a form of currency yet and things were purchased on trust or through other means such as helping out to repay the debt. It was interesting, but it was a little difficult to get used to the dated way of life Arcadios offered. As they toured the town, Shokuhou-san felt a couple of times like someone was watching her, but she’d long since been used to that feeling, so she didn’t pay it any mind. The brunette in her party pointed out a bakery in the distance, which made the blonde smile excitedly. Finally, she was going to get something sweet to eat. The three girls continued forward, only to have their path blocked by a man standing in front of them.

As soon as they’d stopped, the man spoke and his words caused Shokuhou-san to stare blankly. What was he talking about? ‘Let them go?’ So, perhaps she had been followed. Had he spied on her? Had he seen something he shouldn’t have? In any case, she wasn’t going to admit to anything. Had they not been in a place where her ability was negated, Shokuhou-san would’ve deleted whatever memory he had of her right then and there. However, since she couldn’t do that, she played dumb. “Hm?” A tilt of her head. “I’m not sure what you mean. Have we met?” The two girls stepped a little closer to their Queen in a protective manner, their expressions just as confused as the blonde’s. “I’m sorry, my friends and I are just out for a little fun in town. I hope we haven’t been rude or disruptive in any way.” She was lying, but who would doubt a face as cute as hers?

Shokuhou-san decided to turn it around him, then. She was already setting up an elaborate fabrication, all she had to do was build onto it to make it seem legitimate. “Actually, we were heading for the bakery down the street. If the cafe you mentioned is any good, maybe we’ll go there, too.” She turned to her companions, “Do either of you know it?”

Of course. They make really tasty drinks there.” The raven-haired girl.

The food isn’t that bad, either. Although, I know better places to get a meal.” The brunette.

“I see,” she responded, then turned back to the man blocking their path. “Well, it seems three people are recommending it, so maybe we will stop at that cafe, mister. If you have something you’d like to ask me, we can discuss it there.” A public place with plenty of witnesses. If he accused her of anything, she could make him out to be a fool in front of everyone present and leave with her entourage.

Oh? She was good. In this situation, he was at a disadvantage. His skills leaned more towards the physical side. That tilt of her head and innocent voice wouldn’t work on Hei. He had been using such means to fool others before this girl could probably talk. Convincing. Her ruse, the girls that sided with her. Of course he could see past her lies, but everyone else in this crowd would say otherwise. Hei might have been a well liked individual with good enough looks, but this girl was better off than he was. If he hadn’t come in contact so many skilled liars, Hei would have already backed off. But, he decided this was worth pursuing no matter the consequences. If Hei couldn’t get the job done, the black reaper would.

"Of course we have never met before. But I’m sure if we were outside the city, that would be different." Hei’s voice continued to hold an innocent tone. Many people walked past as if they were both just having a conversation. It would be preferred if it stayed this way. And as Hei expected, she continued to play dumb. There really was no sense of "justice" in Arcadios. There were only the residents that chose whether they would enforce their ideals on others.

And once again, the situation went the girl’s way. Smart and beautiful. Using every aspect of her character to her advantage. It didn’t bother Hei. He would do the exact same thing in such a situation. The female puppets the girl acquired answered as if they had known her their entire lives. How very interesting. This wasn’t just mind control. Memory implantation as well? Hei speculated upon her powers as the seconds passed.

"I would be honored to join you." Hei replied with a smile to the mind manipulating female’s invite. He would have to follow if he wanted to find out anything else. Leaving someone like her to whatever she wanted just seemed wrong. Even the assassin for hire had some sort of moral code. A very limited code, but a code nonetheless.

As her gaze turned away, Hei’s expression changed for a moment. It annoyed him slightly not having the advantage in this situation. But, he would follow nonetheless. Hei walked up behind the girl and her compatriots. She would listen to what she had to say? At what cost? She would probably shout out something obscene about him to the public if he knew too much.

"So enlighten me miss. I haven’t seen you around Arcadios. So you must be a new resident. Not only that, but you sure seem wonderfully talented in making new friends." Not being able to act on his instincts annoyed Hei. This would be where he went for the kill. His hand would have grasped onto her skull and it would be over. In his days without Yin, he began drinking more and getting caught up in assassination.

"Oh. Where are my manners? My name is Hei." The changes in Hei’s tone showed the two sides of his personality. One for work and another for fooling the general public. This girl probably already caught on to what Hei could be. Or maybe she didn’t. Either way, Hei had already gotten himself caught up in this. He wasn’t going to back down anytime soon.

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A little centaur trouble….【OPEN】


Not hard to believe? Ah right, shinobi did not exist in every world… it was strange to think such a thing, but Itachi had quickly accepted the fact that there were other worlds and all kinds of other things that he would have commonly believed not to exist. For example, a walking and talking suit of armor? It seemed completely ridiculous, yet he believed the man as he was told. What reason was there to make up such a story of a thing like that? 

When asking his question, he had not expected that he would get such an elaborate answer. Being a man of little words himself, a simple ‘yes’ would have sufficed, and he would have called the temporary discussion, closed. Yet the other man had gone into a little more depth, going so far as to inform him of the origin of his nickname and the name of the organization in which he had once belonged. It was also a bit curious when the other had stated that he didn’t always use to have his ability, which brought a few questions to the Uchiha’s mind… those which he wouldn’t voice. 

The shinobi remained silent while the other spoke, the only movement from him was a turn of the head as he watched Hei walk up and passed. Apparently the man had a destination in mind in which they could talk… though Itachi felt a bit weary of being too social. Turning on his heel, he followed the other assassin at his pace. It was unusual for him to learn so much from someone he had just met.. well, in the way that he was learning it. Listening to this man like this was all fine… it was interesting, and he had maintained his usual stoic expression up until he felt a twinge of pain within his chest when the duties of an older brother was mention. 

Murder is a small price to know that they are safe.

The pain was there and gone within seconds, and once again hardened. There had been no small price that Itachi had paid for his brothers safety, and for the village, but that had been something he had accepted a long time ago. 

Now a question was directed toward him, it seemed like it was his turn now… to tell a short background of himself as they moved about under the moonlight. “You are correct.” Itachi replied, “I was once apart of a village, Konohagakura, that is what the leaf on this headband is for. I ran from that village, and became a missing nin, and that is why the leaf is now struck out.” He grew quiet after that, reluctant to give too much information.. but at the same time he felt as though he should give a little more. “My alliance, before waking in this land, hand been to another group called the Akatsuki… and I too have a younger sibling that I do everything to protect.” Alright… that seemed like a fair amount of information about himself that was shared.

The air around these two individuals was…odd. Two men whom built their lives on murder and death. No one would dare approach the two unless they were confident in their success. Either that, or they were foolish. Hei had been listening to Itachi’s story and thought about his own situation. He hadn’t necessarily failed in protecting his sister. But, she decided on her own that it was more important to give him the chance at life he never had. That, however, did not turn out so great.

Hei continued to walk while leading Itachi to the only other area he knew in the forest. What was around there again? Ah. The Wishing Stone. Hei decided against making any wishes. It wasn’t in him to rely on hope to relieve him of his troubles. Maybe Itachi was that kind of person. Then again, if these two were similar and that fact had already been established, he probably wouldn’t either.

"I’m sure you have noticed we’re being followed." Hei spoke just loud enough for Itachi to hear him. As he continued walking the pink fireflies flickered throughout the dark forest. Every so often the body of a centaur appeared. More than likely, the moment they were in the open at the wishing stone, there would be an ambush. Hei continued walking forward and could see the end of the path. The entrance to the clearing where the Wishing Stone sat was right there.

A gloved hand reached into his jacket and placed his mask upon his face once again. This would be a chance to see Itachi’s intentions. His foot crossed from the darkness of the canopied forest into the pale moonlight. In that instance, centaurs stormed out from the forest. How many were there? Twenty four. An even number. This was like some terribly written jrpg. The men with sibling complexes were surrounded and would have to…kill their way out.

"Give us the masked man and you can go on your way, human. If not, we will simply kill you both."

It would seem Itachi was given a choice.

Give up Hei or Fight.

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The situation’s potential awkwardness was lost on Yin, so she didn’t share the same kind of thoughts he was having. It was as simple as wanting to stay where he was, and sharing a bed didn’t seem like a big deal to her at all; she was just glad that he’d offered in the first place, since staying with him was much better than staying alone in her own house.

She turned her head to look at him, glad to see him smiling. Even though there wasn’t much of anything left for either of them - it came with being on the run - she couldn’t stop herself from being just a little worried that he might have been upset. Yin also hoped that things could be peaceful, now that they wouldn’t have to be so careful anymore. Still careful…but not so much. She finished the rest of her own food in the next few moments, and Yin nodded at his words; even if nothing had happened yet, it didn’t mean that something wouldn’t.

“Okay,” Yin replied. The rain had let up a little bit, and it was silly to leave things off until later. It was also something to do, and better yet, something to do with someone familiar to her - a change from the past couple of weeks when she’d either been by herself or meeting someone completely unknown.

She reached up and took his hand, letting him pull her to her feet. His words gave her a strange feeling; if it were possible, she wanted to avoid that kind of thing. It wasn’t likely that they’d be under serious threat - there were monsters here, of course, but nothing that would be more difficult than things they’d faced in the past. But what he’d said made a small knot of worry settle in the pit of her stomach, an uneasy kind of feeling. “There’s not.” She sounded the way she normally did, maybe a little bit more forceful - the statement was just as much to reassure her as it was to reassure him.

A world without a reaper is one without order. That would be something that a hero with such a name would say. Hei opened his closet back up and put on his gear again. Killing was never something he enjoyed. Lives ended quite literally at the touch of his fingertips. Unfortunately, he only had two of his trademark knives. One thing he hadn’t considered was the need for cash. And what was his skill set? Cooking, Hiding, Assassination, Torture, Torture for Interrogation, etc. The Syndicate had taught him something important about people with his skills.

An assassin was always needed somewhere. People were always fighting other people. Assassins were a neutral party. They work for the best price or for the organization they were already hired under. Eventually, he would have to support himself and Yin. For her well being even more than his, he would do anything. That resolve included bringing the Black Reaper to Arcadios.

"Maybe. Alright…" Hei put on a fresh coat and almost put his mask over his face. Some habits were just too hard to break. His mask was place in his coat as he made his way to the door. It wasn’t too often he was found walking in the sunlight while wearing his coat

"Let’s go." He motioned for Yin to follow him. Yin was quiet and always followed Hei’s orders. There wasn’t much he asked of her, but he was confident she listened to just about everything he asked. Hei would let Yin lead the way. Having no clue where she lived in this odd looking village. In fact, he felt a bit shamed not finding out where she was living sooner.

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It was true that if someone were to ask Yin how she felt about Hei, she wouldn’t be able to give them a clear answer. He was important to her and made her feel better and she worried about him when he was gone. At the least, he was a friend, partner, whatever you wanted to call it. He was the only person she had really connected with, the first person since she became a doll who’d seen her as something other than a tool. And there was no need to establish a label further than that, was there?

It felt like a much longer time than it had actually been since she’d seen him. Even if she could have read his thoughts, they wouldn’t have made her angry - she could handle herself, sure, but it was nice to have someone concerned about her, in a way. She did notice the coats and masks that were evidently the main content of his closet. And she also noticed the loud growling that had always signified Hei was hungry; it was so familiar by now and at the same time seemed almost out of place. If she were someone else, maybe she would have laughed.

Accepting the offered sandwich, and then mostly just holding it while he ate, watching him more than anything else until his offer was made, at which point she started to think.

In her mind, there was no reason to stay in her own tiny little hut now that she knew Hei was here - given the option, she’d choose to stay with him every time. It made her happy to know that he made the offer; she thought maybe that meant he wanted her to stay there, rather than just living in the same village. She’d have to go and get the minimal amount of belongings she had here, but that really didn’t matter. So she nodded her head, a few more quiet words accompanying the gesture. “I want to stay here.”

She hadn’t really been all that hungry, the sandwich at first sitting untouched in her hands, but she also hadn’t eaten in a while. Yin began taking small bites of it, admittedly chewing rather slowly, and swallowed one such mouthful of sandwich before answering the question posed to her. “Arcadios,” she told him, “We’re here because our world is dead.”

Blunt and to the point. It hadn’t occurred to her to try and soften the statement, least of all around Hei. The other members of their team were either dead or nowhere in sight, and there was surely no sign of Amber, so she didn’t really think there was a need to dance around the topic. 

Occasionally, Yin would take some time to answer a question. Or was it that Hei’s anticipation of her answer made it seem that way? He laid back on his bed and thought to himself. This wouldn’t be a bad thing. They had always slept in the same since running away from the Syndicate. It was just one detail. One. And that detail was also singular. The bed. One bed. Nothing awkward about it. No. Obviously not. These were the times being a human and a contractor were….annoying.

And it wouldn’t have been long for Yin to give a nice direct answer. Hei rose up from his bed when he heard Yin accept to stay with him. A small smile formed on his face when he heard her reply. But, now came a more important. The information Yin had on this world. Arcadios? That wasn’t a place he had ever heard of. What surprised him more was that his world was dead though.

"Dead huh?" Hei wasn’t phased by such a development. Even though people had met were now all gone, he was relieved. There was no more "Syndicate". Running wouldn’t be necessary anymore. He could live with Yin without taking shifts to keep a look out. Everything could be peaceful. Or so he hoped. A world where he could have his abilities as a contractor could never really be a peaceful world. Something would probably go wrong.

In a way, he was somewhat sad about this. It would only be Yin and himself from now on. There would also be the other residents of this world. Simple deduction led him to believe their worlds were also “dead”. In the moment he shoved the rest of his sandwich into his mouth, Hei accepted the situation.

"Yin. We can relax for now. Even if the Syndicate is ‘dead’, it doesn’t mean everything is okay." The next thing that would have come out of Hei’s mouth would be something along the lines of alerting him if she is in trouble. But, he had no intention of leaving her side.

"If you want, we can get your things right now." Hei smiled at Yin and held out his hand. "Guess there’s no need for the Black Reaper in this world….for now." He whispered under his breath, his expression changing for just a second.

A reflection. [@howlingreaper]


Moments like these made Yin wish more than ever that she could smile - really smile, not some gimmick with her fingers. After looking for him for so long, after worrying about him more than a doll should be capable of, she knew Hei was safe in the same place she was. Before, she never would have thought she would have been able to feel so happy.

It didn’t matter to her that she was soaked to the bone while he put his coat around her, her hair sticking to her face and probably making her look, indeed, like a half-drowned cat. She even managed a strange twitch of her lips when he picked her up, though it wasn’t even close to the kind of smile she felt like smiling, if it could be called one at all.

“It’s okay.” She let her head fall against his chest after she said the two words; it hadn’t even crossed her mind that he had broken that promise. It wasn’t his fault anyway, and he was here now, so to her, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she didn’t have to worry anymore.

As if to pile on top of the good things that were happening tonight, he even lived in the same village as her, though she couldn’t say she was surprised. It was hard to picture him somewhere like the Village of Strength. 

She took the towel and the shirt that he offered her when they got there, putting the towel to use after sliding the overlarge coat off her shoulders. Despite the rain having made sure she was completely wet, she felt warm; especially so when he threw a barrage of questions at her. It was a gesture she hadn’t expected, considering he normally wouldn’t have done that.

Yin shook her head at his second question; no, Arcadios…it was a nice enough place, for the most part. Somewhere where the only worry she’d really had was that Hei was dead. “I’ve been fine,” she answered. “It’s nice here. Better now.” Being somewhere without Hei for the first time since escaping the syndicate had been a shock, and an unwelcome one at that. And now that that issue was fixed, she felt like there was nothing that could weigh her down.

Comforted by the few words that fell out of Yin’s mouth, Hei decided to undress himself as well. He briefly moved into another room to get dressed. The reaper returned with dry clothes on his shoulders and stood next to Yin. Their relationship was questionable. At one glance, they were partners. A contractor and his doll. Brother and Sister. Lovers. Even now, they never truly established such a label for their connection. Hei could only promise to never leave Yin alone. And that was all he could hope to give her.

"That’s good." He felt better knowing Yin had done alright on her own. Of course, he trusted her with her own well being on many occasions. But, in a place he had no information on, it was a situation he wanted to avoid. He took the wet towel from Yin and hung it up in his closet. All that was inside were multiple coats and masks. Even in this place where he supposedly had no enemies, he continued his routine. In any case, if there was a need for the "Black Grim Reaper" to make an appearance, he would be ready.

A disturbing sound emerged from Hei’s direction. A monster? Oh. No. Just his stomach. He had been ignoring his hunger for the last few days worrying about Yin. Even with food in his room, he couldn’t just eat with her missing. He unwrapped some sandwiches on a table in the middle of the room and handed one to Yin. Was she even hungry? It was more so an instinctive action to take care of her if anything.

And then a more important thought came to mind. Would she stay with Hei or go back to wherever she was living. These were one of the few times Hei showed his  human side. Of course, he hadn’t lived with Yin all the time. But, this would be the best time to bring it up.

"Yin. I’m sure you probably live somewhere by yourself now, but if you want you can stay here." A few of Hei’s emotions dripped out of his mouth. He didn’t mind the fact he had one bed or that Yin would be sleeping with him if she stayed. Everything led back to his singular promise. Choosing between his personas was never a tough decision around stranger or his work partners. But, Yin always made him think otherwise. People would question Hei for caring about what a "Doll" would think. What’s the point of being kind toward something without emotions? Yin was all that Hei had left and all that mattered.

"Uh…Yin. I don’t know exactly how long you have been here. But, from what I can tell we’re not going back to…where we came from anytime soon. I’ve gotten the idea of the landscape, but I don’t understand where we are. Do you know?"

A reflection. [@howlingreaper]


The Village of Wisdom, where Yin now resided, was nice enough in its own right. Minimal, with only its little huts and large temple, but not a bad place. But even she couldn’t stay here all the time - she went out every now and then, to look for Hei. It was inconvenient that she couldn’t send out her observer spirit within the village, but it was something that could be worked around.

And so that was what she did. She could have waited in the village for him to show up, but what guarantee was there that he would live in the same one?

Rainy days were the best times to attempt looking, when water was everywhere, rather than in just a few places. It was her luck that tonight just happened to be such a night - she didn’t need to do more than step outside the boundaries of where abilities weren’t allowed. As soon as she could, with her bare feet in a particularly large puddle, she sent out her observer spirit; a strange sense of urgency pushed her on tonight, though anyone watching would have a horrible time of trying to see that for themselves. Uncaring of the rain soaking her to the skin, she continued.

The blue ghostly outline of Yin’s own form appeared where she directed it, the moonlight shining through it as if it were no more than a phantom. That same feeling that had caused her to send it out so quickly was still doing just that, as if anyone happened to take note of the translucent blue apparition, they would be able to see far easier that it was in a rush.

First Hevia, then Gilneas Forest, everywhere she could send her observer spirit. It appeared and then flickered away almost as soon as it came, after seeing no signs of what she was looking for.

And then, finally, something…


Yin’s head shot up, her eyes instantly turning in the direction the successfully connected thread lead her to. He was here. Not only that, she knew where he was - she knew he hadn’t died along with the world they’d been in. An immense sense of relief washed over her, some of the apprehension washing away just by knowing that.

Objective accomplished, Yin’s observer spirit vanished, appearing again in front of Hei so he would know she was here, too. And then it flickered away again, sinking back down into the water, but not quite disappearing, a blue shimmering reflection in one of the many puddles spread across the ground. A means to keep the thread connected.

And then she started that way, her pace more hurried than it had been since the first time she’d thought to look. 

The short time Hei was in this place left him restless. Everything was peaceful. Of course, he was quite alright without his abilities being active. Every day would be spent walking about, but as soon as he came back to his new home there was a bucket of water next to him. Hopefully, Yin would send out her observer spirit and find him.  For a girl who didn’t run around a lot, she had quite the ability to hide and stay undetected. In any other case, Hei would have started wearing civilian clothes. But with little information on his whereabouts, he continued to have his “working” out on at all times.

On rainy days, he would walk outside and stay out for hours and hours on end. These would be the times Yin would probably be searching the most. Without any other thought in his mind, he would search for the doll whom he had grown fond of. No. She was no longer a doll. To him, Yin was a person. A girl. Someone he would never leave alone. Deep down, it hurt that he broke that promise.

Using what little information he had, Hei searched high and low for Yin. Powers were restricted to use outside the villages and Polis. So if Yin was anywhere, she was on the outskirts of society. His long coat kept him dry as the rain poured down upon his body. Luckily, he spotted a very familiar shape. It was Yin’s observer spirit.

Hei quickly ran over and instinctively reached out to touch the spirit. Yin could be anywhere and Hei could only talk to her or have the spirit guide him. The most important fact was that Yin was alive. The spirit flickered and moved perhaps to urge Hei into Yin’s direction. Lo and behold, there she was. Her small existence drowned by the rain. Of course she wouldn’t care about her well being while searching for him. He quickly sprinted over and covered the girl in his coat.

"Yin…I’m sorry." Hei held her rain soaked body close to his. She was the one person that meant any sort of significance to him anymore. In his mind, just for leaving her side, an apology was in order. "I left you alone and broke my promise." He said and lifted her off the ground. If it was any sort of consolation, he was going to bring her back to the village. A smile appeared on his face knowing she was by his side again.

His thought process told him to bring Yin back to the village and get her dried up. It was comforting she would stand in the rain endlessly just to find him. Just as he would do the same thing for her. He brought the soaked girl into his room and put her down. Rummaging through what few belongings he had procured, he handed her a towel and one of his shirts. Even if it was a too large for her, Hei felt guilty letting her stand soaking wet. Yin almost reminded him of a cat left out in the rain. A quiet and well behaved cat, but a cat nonetheless.

"So. Yin. Has everything been alright? Has anyone been bothering you?" Almost uncharacteristically, Hei bombards Yin with questions of her well being. This was abnormal considering he was always by her side, always watching her. Once they had escaped the syndicate, the two were nearly inseparable.

Here comes the reaper[OPEN]


[Al was a bit startled at the man’s sudden movements, his quick recovery from a fall… but he’d seen stranger things. Who knew where this man came from? train of thought was interrupted, as he saw Hei’s widened eyes.]

[He was completely taken in by the facade, immediately feeling an honest but almost childlike concern for the man.]

[Not for the first time, Al felt… resentment, if that was an accurate word, towards his metal body. The alchemist thought he was frightening Hei, so convinced he was by the Contractor’s little game.]

[Alphonse leaned forwards, and barely managed to get the gist of Hei’s rambling. The dancing red lights in the eye-holes of his helmet brightened a little, with recognition at the Doll’s name. If he could have done so, he would’ve smiled at Hei.]

“O-oh, you’re talking about Miss Yin? Yes, I know her!”

[The alchemist nodded to himself, happy he could answer the man, and by extension, help Yin. He quickly gathered the scrolls up, tucking them under one massive arm.]

“Thank you, Hei… and it’s nice to meet you. I’m Alphonse Elric. I can help you find Miss Yin…”

[He shrugged, hating to disappoint the timid-looking man.]

“But I haven’t actually seen her, since she helped me find the Village… you’re a friend of hers, I suppose?”

[Alphonse tilted his head to the side. It was clear enough to him. He was… desperate. She was clearly someone important to Hei. This realization only made him want to help the Contractor more.]

“Hm… if we want to look for Miss Yin… well, you’re her friend, Mister Hei… do you know what she likes to do? Maybe she’s gone to Polis, or…”

[He trailed off uncertainly, waiting for Hei’s input.]

Information had to be taken in and analyzed at a moment’s notice. The armor’s voice was young. Whoever was possessing the armor wasn’t even a teenager more than likely. But, more importantly, this person knew Yin. She was here. And knowing that, the reaper could let out a sigh of relief. Of course, he was still worried.

His coat was still buttoned, concealing the weapons the lie beneath them. But, Hei had no intention of hurting anyone until he knew exactly where Yin was. In that moment, another important question arose.

Where was he? Hei felt a little uneasy worrying about his situation before Yin’s. But, collecting a bit of information beforehand seemed necessary.

"It’s nice to meet you too, Alphonse." Hei responded and continued listening to Alphonse. Polis? Probably the name of another place nearby. If Yin was doing anything, it was sitting quietly waiting for him somewhere. It wasn’t very often that Yin and went out to do her own thing.

"Ah. Yes I do. Yin likes to keep to herself. But, Alphonse, as important as Yin is to me, I’d like to know where we are. I just woke up in the middle of nowhere and ran over here." The tone flowing out of Hei’s voice continued to show absolutely no hostility at all. This act was one of his greatest asset. The ability to hide his tainted nature. Maybe this was the perfect time to also inquire about Alphonse’s state. Considering he had already started this facade, he had to follow through.

"You sound…quite young. But, you’re quite tall if you can fit in that armor." What a pointless comment. He already knew it was empty.

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