[ She couldn’t help but expand her smile just a bit at the male in front her. At first, she hated Hei but for some reason, she felt herself getting used to him. Tolerating him, would be the right word. Stocking didn’t think it was likeness or anything like that yet. But there was something about Hei that she really—- ]

“I might see your cavity ridden teeth.”

[ —Hated. ]

❝Wow. Way to kill the mood you fucking asshole. I thought we were sharing an intimate moment, with the stereotypical shoujo bubbles and the ‘ugguuu’ stares.❞ [ Of course, she was kidding, as noted by the jab she gave Hei’s side. ] ❝But I guess the mood killer was needed. You were kind of creepin’ me out there.❞

[ She actually liked it, but the angel was not going to admit that. ]

And the smile was as quickly shattered as it was created. This was probably the sensation of what having a friend was like. A bond without the pretenses of betrayal or secrets. It was a wonderful feeling. Being able to let go and say whatever he wanted to. Except such acts would be met with being called an asshole. But, that’s okay. Words didn’t really affect him.

"Huh? What mood? My profession rarely calls to uphold such things. Let alone ones that involve intimate staring and supernatural atmospheric phenomenon such as shoujo bubbles." He replied to Stocking who proceeded to jab him in the side. Hei chuckled at her and stretched his arm out to pat her head.

"Creepy? That would be quite hurtful. But, I keep forgetting that you’re tsundere."