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Okay, so Grayson claimed that he had an explanation for the awkward situation, but how do you explain being caught drooling over a huge hunk of raw meat? That’s definitely not normal—it’ll probably give any normal person some sort of weird parasite—and he could easily be sent to an insane asylum for that. So the truth is not a possibility. But other than the truth, there’s not really a good explanation.

“Okay, I can’t explain. But I swear I’m not doing anything that’s against the rules.”

Well, except for theft. That’s probably against the rules. But he’s not stealing from this guy, so there shouldn’t be a problem. He considers doing some of his prion-mind-control magic to leave this guy in a trance, but what good would that do? He’d be stuck with a janitor that knows that he has an unhealthy affinity for raw pork hunks—and he might not know the attraction is far from carnal in nature.

“I wasn’t gonna fuck it, if that’s what you’re thinking. That’s gross.”

Grayson stands up slowly, holding his arms up in surrender against the other’s knife. The guy isn’t easy to smell in this situation—pork and lemon cleaning supplies are kinda filling up his nostrils and blocking all other scents—but he doesn’t look unappetizing. Of course, eating someone you could be connected to, even someone as insignificant as a janitor, could always cause problems. So instead, he sighs and decides to tell the truth. Or, a version of it, anyway.

“I have sideropenia: a type of almost-anemia that means I have a deficiency of iron in the blood. So I kinda have to have a bit of iron-rich blood in my diet, according to my doctor, and… quite frankly… it’s embarrassing.”

Waiting for an explanation didn’t stop Hei from being on guard. He was a single arm movement from restraining the boy with his metal wire. And if things got too out of hand, he would have to dispose of him. Luckily for Hei, he had other options besides stabbing the boy. As he waited for a proper explanation, he was let down. There was a slight sympathy as he himself wouldn’t know how to explain himself either.

"You’re right. This isn’t against the rules. But where is there a school that has a policy on students dragging hunks of meat into a Janitor’s closet. And I figured you weren’t going to fornicate with it. I hoped at least." Hei knew that the only rules this kid had broken was trespassing and probably stealing. If anything, he was starting to feel sorry for the kid.

As the student explained his problem, Hei had no reason to disagree or completely agree with him. He himself had a condition of his own, although that wasn’t really a problem.

"Problem or not. I don’t see how eating an uncooked hunk of meat meant for at least five people solves your so called problem. But my job is cleaning, not disciplining odd students." Hei said as he pulled a duffel bag off his cart and pushed it into the closet. He slung the bag over his shoulder and kept the knife in his hand as he motioned to the student with his hands in the air.

"How about you just get out of the closet” He regretted his choice of words for a moment. "and tell me your name."

Shankill Butchers — SoF Open


This school is definitely not providing what Grayson needs to sustain himself, especially since he’s trying not to eat people anymore. All the meat he’s seen so far is cooked, which basically takes all the flavor and nutrients out. It’s like when you boil wine and it gets rid of all the alcohol, but a little different. And it doesn’t matter how rare he asks for the meat to be cooked, the lunchroom staff refuses to serve it unless it’s been ‘properly cooked’.

So he needs to take matters into his own hands. When he was taking a walk earlier, Grayson noticed a shipment from a butcher: grade A meat, raw and untainted, frozen, but it’ll have to do. So he waits until the dead of night, then he sneaks his way into the kitchen and then the freezer and grabs a large slab of pork from its hook. He inhales and almost loses his balance on the slippery floor. He missed the smell of fresh meat since he got here. And it’s a good thing he found this stash. He was about to lose himself on one of the innocent students or faculty.

Quickly and stealthily, Grayson drags the hunk of meat to a janitor’s closet to thaw, his mouth watering as the solid blood slowly liquifies in the meat. Oh man, this is going to be good.

Well, it would’ve been good if the door didn’t open and provide a very awkward situation.

“I can explain.”

Evening cleaning was essentially one of the worst jobs to be stuck with in this school. It was the time before the school seemingly “reset” itself and around the time where students would make the biggest mess. Hei learned this lesson well as he mopped up yet another dirty hallway. Various liquids stained the floors and walls, but he decided against investigating. whatever was happening here didn’t affect him at all.

Hei lifted his mop onto his cart and retreated to the confines of his janitor closet. At all times, he was prepared for a fight. Some of his equipment rested under his cart while he already had one knife and his wire belt attached. As he rolled up to the closet, he noticed the door was open. The sounds of breathing and light stench of flesh triggered his senses. It wasn’t a strong scent, but enough to make him question what the hell was going on in his closet.

"I can explain."

How was this boy going to explain kneeling in his closet while manhandling a hunk of pork? Or what he hoped was pork. More importantly, how was he going to explain a janitor having a large knife in his hand ready to attack whatever was in his closet?

"I’m listening." Hei replied and lowered his weapon as a sign of good faith. There was no point in killing the boy if he was just eating. But for all he knew, this person could be hostile. Who in their right mind would want to eat raw meat in a Janitor’s closet anyway?

If anyone wants to rp with Hei just send a message.

I should really do stuff on him more.

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Cleanin’ up your blood, shit, and tears.{OPEN}


Although her job as the school’s gymnast was second only to her job as a professional zombie slayer, Juliet Starling had found herself doing more zombie killing that she had expected to. She had no one but herself to blame. Having dragged a zombie in from the United States (Not intentionally, of course) gave way for a potential outbreak here in Japan. An outbreak she’d have to deal with if she didn’t keep the situation under control. And as fun as cutting up some undead assholes sounded, she wanted to take her teaching job seriously. They were bound to fire her if she kept coming in late.

She had been in such a rush to make it into the faculty office that she neglected to inspect her shoes upon entry. Mud was one thing, but the fact that there was rotting undead blood on them as well meant double the effort for the school janitors. Who just so happened to be on the job right at this moment. Upon hearing his voice Juliet came to a screeching halt so as to avoid slipping and risking injury. Of course, that just left more mud and gunk on the floor.

“Phew! Thanks for the warning. It would’ve sucked if I slipped just then.”

Lost? Not really. She knew where she was going. At least, she THOUGHT she knew where she was going.

“No, I’m fine. I’m heading towards the faculty office. My name’s Juliet, by the way. I’m one of the gymnast teachers.”

This was definitely not what Hei was expecting in a high school’s staff. And what kind of crap was she tracking on his spotless hallway? There were too many thoughts running through his mind at once. First thing was to analyze who had strolled into his hallway. A blonde “gymnastics teacher” with pigtails and sporting a cheerleader outfit with her “assets” bound to spill out from even the smallest cut to the fabric. From an assassin’s point of view, she was a mess. But, he was not an assassin. Not right now at least.

Hei walked around the woman started mopping at the dark footprints the woman left in her wake. Blood? Without a doubt it was blood. Was she walking around in dead bodies or something? The blood was aged, rotting even. A sigh escaped his lips as he quickly wiped up the bloody footprints. He would leave the other hallways to another janitor. As far as he was concerned, he had finished his job.

"No problem at all." Hei quickly put on his smiling face and put his mop back into his cart. Being the kind of person to check for “bugs” and other spy like devices in his room on a day to day basis, Hei couldn’t help but be cautious of this woman. Blood of that consistency could only be developed from a rotting body. Fortunately, hidden on his cart was one of his signature knives and he was wearing his other “work” belt.

"My name is Hei. And um, I’m just a lowly janitor. And about the Faculty Office…." There was no reason to help her except to keep his facade going. Perhaps he would find out where the blood came from as well. "It’s in the other direction actually. I was heading there myself to drop my cart off in the Janitor’s closet. But first how about we take care of those shoes?"  Following this woman around wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea, but at least he could stop her from making a mess.

Pulling out the cloth from his cart, he bent down and gently pulled one of her legs toward him. Just a quick wipe of the bottom of her shoes and he was done. This blood might have been human. Perhaps it wasn’t. In any case, there was no reason a gymnastics teacher should have bloody shoes. Even in this school.

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Cleanin’ up your blood, shit, and tears.{OPEN}

Hei pushed his cart full to the brim with cleaning products about the empty hallways. Nothing but the echo of poorly made plastic wheels grinding along the dirt littered halls could be heard as he made his rounds. Oddly enough, he was actually fairly accustom to this kind of job. But through his first few days, all he noticed was the amount of destruction that littered the school. And grime. Even if most of the damage was fixed over night, he still had work to do. It made him realize he pissed off a lot of janitors in his time as an assassin.

Either way. He pulled out the mop that had become his best friend and starting wiping away the stains. Blood. Of all the things that had to stick around after fighting, it was the blood. Not the destroyed walls, doors, and other various aspects of the school. Hei had absolutely no problem cleaning it up, but he already knew the rules of this world he was in. People didn’t die. There was no end. Hei would have to change his tactics accordingly if he was ever met with opposition. But that did not matter.

This would be the last person to attract anyone that would require the “Black Grim Reaper” to appear.

As he moved his lop in several sideways motions to wipe up the trace amounts of dirt and blood. In no time at all, he was done. Out of the corner of his eye, an individual stood at the beginning of his clean hallway.

"Ah. Be careful, the floor is a wet still." He said  in such a sincere tone sometimes that it surprised him. The individual walking in his hallway had already tracked some dirt, but it made no difference to Hei. As far as he was concerned he was done with this hallway.

"You seem a bit lost. Do you need help looking for something?"

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[ She couldn’t help but expand her smile just a bit at the male in front her. At first, she hated Hei but for some reason, she felt herself getting used to him. Tolerating him, would be the right word. Stocking didn’t think it was likeness or anything like that yet. But there was something about Hei that she really—- ]

“I might see your cavity ridden teeth.”

[ —Hated. ]

❝Wow. Way to kill the mood you fucking asshole. I thought we were sharing an intimate moment, with the stereotypical shoujo bubbles and the ‘ugguuu’ stares.❞ [ Of course, she was kidding, as noted by the jab she gave Hei’s side. ] ❝But I guess the mood killer was needed. You were kind of creepin’ me out there.❞

[ She actually liked it, but the angel was not going to admit that. ]

And the smile was as quickly shattered as it was created. This was probably the sensation of what having a friend was like. A bond without the pretenses of betrayal or secrets. It was a wonderful feeling. Being able to let go and say whatever he wanted to. Except such acts would be met with being called an asshole. But, that’s okay. Words didn’t really affect him.

"Huh? What mood? My profession rarely calls to uphold such things. Let alone ones that involve intimate staring and supernatural atmospheric phenomenon such as shoujo bubbles." He replied to Stocking who proceeded to jab him in the side. Hei chuckled at her and stretched his arm out to pat her head.

"Creepy? That would be quite hurtful. But, I keep forgetting that you’re tsundere."

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And so they said “Gank or be Ganked”


It was easy to tell that the dark haired male wasn’t going to accept his fate just like that. A normal human wouldn’t just walk around with a mask like that. Moreover, he looked more than ready when Toto charged at him.

And that was quickly proven.

His grin grew wider seeing where the male was aiming. The greenette didn’t care how much of his own blood was going to be shed in this battle. He just wanted one he thoroughly enjoy, but as soon as the target of his opponent changed, he raised an eyebrow, stopping for a moment before changing the shape of his blood into scythes, extending from his forearms. But for all he knew, it didn’t matter. Blood was still blood.

“Not scared of death, aren’t you? ☆” He was sure that neither of them were, considering their actions, though didn’t see the point of the other male’s aim.

Toto aimed for the other’s neck, wanting to slice apart the head and body so badly.

Complete Manipulation. Hei watched as the blood whip turned into a blade. It was expected, but the speed was definitely not expected. What had he gotten himself into? A situation that he could not escape. Death was, unfortunately, imminent. But, even in the split seconds of life he had left, Hei wouldn’t allow his opponent to live. No. This person would die with him. With his spare hand free, he moved in for the kill and decided to block the incoming blade coming toward his neck.

Perhaps he could survive.

The scythe blade came into contact with his knife. It was far beyond his expectations. From the boys small frame, he would imagine the impact wouldn’t be great. The force pushed his knife back as his free hand grasped onto his opponent’s face. Such a crazed smile. They were completely different as killers. One was calm and composed while the other appeared to be a maniac of sorts.

"If I must die, you shall fall with me."

At that moment, his body lit up and released as much electricity he could muster through his hand and into the body of his target. Seconds. The time this entire conflict took place was seconds. But, in the end, there was no victor. Hei’s knife had broken under the force of the blood blade. His mask fell upon the ground and at the base of his neck was a blade of blood. Not deep enough to decapitate him, but enough to cut his arteries. Blood dripped from the wound and he let his killer’s body slump to the ground.

"……" Not a word. Hei stumbled and crumpled to the ground. How very dull. Bleeding out until there was not a hint of life left in him. There was no respect for his killer or himself. As an assassin, he was always prepared to die. If anything, he could perhaps pass onto to another world.

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And so they said “Gank or be Ganked”


It wasn’t the nostalgia that hit him hard. It was the fact that he managed to spend so long without laying his hand on anyone, wanting to rip their limbs off, have a taste of their blood. But… that was because he didn’t have the need to. It was different with the whole collar thing. He wasn’t motivated at first, but he just wish that he could fight someone to fight with at the last moment. The enjoy. To forget that these things were to detonate. At the last seconds, at least he wished to enjoy his last moments. Alas, it was boring. Most people did their kill though. Streets started to reek with unpleasant smells of rotting bodies and if tears had a strong smell, its scent would have taken over.

He never actually bothered to open the small chest he was carrying around. He didn’t know… was it really necessary? Whatever weapon stored there would only bother him. He was confident enough in his own powers after all.

Too many corpses around. Toto wasn’t even sure that there was anyone left for him to have fun with… That was until he spotted him. A masked man?

He wanted a quick one. He wanted to be done fast.

“Greetings! I hope you don’t mind a little game play?”

The deadman clapped his hands together and a whip formed from the palm of his hands, aiming the other male’s face.

Finally. A challenger. But, someone that Hei had not seen before. The childish look on the individual’s face did not fool him. That smile was hiding something…terrible. A clap of the boy’s hands and Hei flipped backwards. His knife in hand, he stared at the floating red substance. What was it? Blood? Hei had previous fights with a contractor that could use his blood as a weapon. Blood that would create holes in whatever substance it laid on at the snap of a finger. Hei stood on his feet and looked around himself. The terrain wasn’t too open. Enough object to make use of his wire.

No warning. Electricity flowed into Hei’s knife as he readied himself. Now how to go about attacking? From what he had seen just from the first few seconds of the encounter, he could control blood freely. His blood only more than likely or he would have moved Hei. If anything Hei just had to test the water and find out just how strong this kid was.

"Die." The word was whispered under his breath as he charged his enemy. It would take Hei very little time to close in on his enemy. With a swing of his arm the knife would seem to be aiming at Mockingbird’s neck. But, Hei quickly changed his target from the neck to the hand with blood around it. This terrain was a disadvantage for the assassin. His electricity couldn’t be conducted through the ground and there was barely anywhere to take cover. But, if his blood stays connected to his body like that, Hei may have one advantage. Blood conducted electricity.

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